NWA-Fuck the Police

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Out of all the things for the NWA to write and make a song about, why on earth would they make a song called "Fuck the police". I understand how they could think that they could be oppressed by the "white man", or even be angry how the police were treating them on the streets, however how can any person take a song seriously about blaming the police when in other songs the same people are talking about slinging kilo's and packing heat on the blocks of Brooklyn. Furthermore I doubt any one of those artists were slinging heat or were even considered real OG's at the time of their album release. The song tries to highlight the differences between the black and whites in the rough parts of Harlem and Brooklyn, however, the song only furthers the difference because African Americans seemed to gain a sense of false imprisonment even if they had never had a run in with the police, and the Caucasian people seemed to look downwards on a music video that bluntly commented on the police with a blunt phrase such as "Fuck the police". The social gap between African Americans and Caucasians seemed to grow with the introduction of hard-core rap music, even though the music gave African Americans an outlet to complain and bond over the injustices in the world. In order to solve these injustices the solution should have been to focus on how to solve them instead of just complaining the widening the social gap. Even if a white person during this time period were to listen to a hard-core rap song, they would get made fun of for trying to be one of them by both sides of the social gap. Course I guess everybody could bond if they made a song such as fuck the taxes.

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