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When listening to NWA's song, Fuck the Police, I get a strong feeling of hip-hops expressive nature. The artists are very clearly conveying their hatred for police in the south central LA Compton area. They express their mistreatment and abuse because of their color. In a part of the song, Ice Cube raps about how because he has "gold and a pager" the police assume he's selling drugs. Racial profiling clearly upsets the artists of NWA. To me, music is such an amazing thing because it allows one to express their feelings, whether it's in smooth jazz or gangsta rap. Fuck the Police is expressing that it's not ok to be treated the way they are and by its aggressive presentation it shows just how serious an issue it is. Its aggressiveness and seriousness of the issue portrayed gave it the attention it needed to bring awareness to these types of problems. I think rap and hip-hop was so important because it gave African Americans a freedom of expression that was unique to them. Slowly over time hip-hop has become more and more diverse but the main roots of expression are still there, for the most part. Mainstream hip-hop has become a little distorted in what it thinks is important to express. It disappoints me that mainstream hip-hops agenda tends to promote what seems like only to be: sex, money, and power. Hip-hop may have died in that sense but it still lives on in its underground hip-hop niche. While some of these underground artists may be well known they still remain true to hip-hop as a form of expressing issues that need addressing. It is these few talented artists that keep my interest in the beautiful form of expression called hip-hop.

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