Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

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In my perspective, Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit tells us a story about a helpless boy screaming and complaining about his life. He is so unsatisfied and loses the direction. He keeps yelling "here we are now, entertain us"; he could not find the way to make himself happy. At first he tries to find a way to decrease the pains. But after spending a lot of energy and time, he decides to give up and run away.
This song exactly describes Kurt Cobain's life and I believe that the boy I see in his music is him. Just look at what Kurt had done in his life: using drugs and anodyne to relieve his agony. He used his soul to write his own story and sang with his hoarse voice, trying to use music to unbosom himself; he expresses his anger in the song and whips it out.
I kind of understand why people love Kurt. He experienced more pains psychologically than his peers do; life made him degenerate; he had very serious mental problems; he used his heart and soul to express his rage, which almost no one can do in the world. When people hear this song, following the rhythm and lyrics, they will unconsciously gave a wiggle, shake their heads and soak themselves into the atmosphere of rage. Some of them may shout the song out. Most listeners, I believe, usually use this song to relax themselves. Like I was emphasizing, the success of this song is not only the dark lyrics but also the way Kurt yell and his previous experience and pessimism made himself success.

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I think it's cool where you're going with this, discussing how it relates to his life and all. I really never put it into that type of perspective. I always just looked at it as him trying to portray an image for himself and have people follow along in his footsteps, which he did. He really set a lot of personality and appearance trends during his days, similar to what many famous people in the pop culture are doing today.

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