Smells Like Teen Spirit

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After watching the video "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, I read the comments below and couldn't help but notice a trend in them. Many people would talk about how rebellious this song was. One comment stated, "This song makes me feel so mischievous." I agree with this comment one hundred percent. The video consists of teenagers who looked to be dressed almost like hobos who are flipping their long punk, greasy hair back and forth. After listening to this song an endless amount of times growing up, I, to this day, still get the feeling that I want to run around and break everything in my house, like a total bad ass. I also can't help but think that this song has a dark, depressed side to it. This song became popular because everyone that listens to this song gets this sort of feeling. The only negative effect that this could have in the community is some people might do dangerous things, like running around breaking everything in their house, or things like experimenting with drugs. Kurt Cobain was a perfect example of this "bad ass" lifestyle and a perfect example to this song. He went out and experimented with drugs, later putting an end to his life. He killed himself because he just couldn't take it anymore, the drugs put him into depression and he obviously couldn't seem to reach his way out of it. This genre of grunge music became so popular in the nineties because it allowed people to feel a side that they don't have in real life, they want to feel like they are rebels and can do whatever they please. Even though this grunge music was more for entertainment, it could sometimes have a negative effect on society, like it did with Kurt Cobain.

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