Smells like Teen Spirit

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The American band Nirvana is an excellent example of the class's themes of individualism as well as self-branding, and nonconformity. Even from the beginning of their most popular song, Smells Like Teen Spirit, the lyrics are: "Load up on guns, bring your friends, it's fun to lose, and to pretend". These lyrics unarguably demonstrate the sort of attitude that Nirvana as a whole meant to emanate. They encourage carelessness, as well as rebellion against their parental generation as well as against societal values as a whole. Additionally, the "rock star" lives led by Nirvana band members were often viewed as the roles that developing children believed that they were expected to engage themselves in in order to be cool and popular. In this way, Nirvana encourages the consumption of alcohol, as well as the use of illegal drugs. When these themes are incorporated into the lives of Nirvana's younger listeners, they can be devastating in the development and well-being of these individuals. The physical appearance of Nirvana in this particular music video encourages a sort of stylized sloppiness, and implies that it is not important to fulfill the expectations of society. (In some cases it is not, although the spread of the beliefs is not necessarily good for society either.) As a whole, Nirvana uses mostly dark lyrics in their songs, with themes of drug use and sexual violence. The inclusion of these themes enables Nirvana to appeal to a larger crowd, surprisingly, because there are many individuals that are consumed by the inclusion of these themes in music alone. A parody of Nirvana's music, "Smells like Nirvana", makes a point to say that the lyrics of the original song are barely coherent, and that the main objective of the music was indeed to bother the parents of the listeners and to rebel.

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