Smells Like Teen Spirit

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I really like the music video for Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. In my opinion it really captures the essence of what the band represented, and proves that they are the quintessential grunge band. To me the whole video gives off a vibe of apathy. It's set in a dark dirty high school gym that nobody has bothered to clean. The janitor is just standing around, not actually cleaning anything, and eventually starts dancing. When the pep rally in the video starts, all of the students look incredibly bored and couldn't care less about what was going on. The cheerleaders are wearing uniforms with anarchy symbols on them representing the youth of the time's general distrust of the government. The band is dressed in very casual clothes and their hair is unkempt, showing the grunge style of not caring about your appearance. The room dimly lit and full of dust and yellow smoke which also gives the dirty feeling given by the bands appearance. The part of the video that is the greatest example of apathy is when the students start rioting. Mass chaos breaks out and the band still plays on. A fire breaks out, but nobody cares. The band plays on. The rioting students start breaking the bands equipment and carrying off pieces of the drum set, but they still play on. As the song is ending Kurt Cobain smashes his guitar as "a denial" is repeated over and over. The video ends with the janitor ignoring a student who has been tied up with a dunce cap on his head, because he just doesn't care. This is one of the greatest rock songs ever made, and the video is a great representation of what the band, and the rest of Generation X stood for.

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I can definitely see where you’re coming from when you talk about the “grunge” look that they having going on. I personally think they take it to the total next level of grunge. The thing that really stuck out to me about their look that I pointed out in my post about this video, was their hair. I just could not get over how they could put up with their hair being like that all the time! But like you said, and like I said in my own post as well, they were just giving off that look that made it seem like they couldn’t care less. And I personally think that they did a pretty good job doing it and setting the trend for many others as well.

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