Smelly Teen Spirit

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When listening to Smells like Teen Spirit it brings me back to my elementary and junior high school youth. I may not have been alive (or coherent) during Nirvana's prime but I fortunately had an older brother who is credited with exposing me to lots of music. I regret nothing but looking at the situation now I might be a little skeptical to having my newly teenage son listening to Nirvana. I say this because the music's apathetic grungy style. Don't get me wrong I still love the music but it's not something I would recommend for a youngster. I was having a blast listening to Nirvana and Smells like Teen Spirit in my attic bedroom with my neighbor thinking we truly knew what it meant to be alive! My appreciation for Nirvana makes me really curious about what it would be like if I were my age now, 20, when Nirvana was in its prime. I would able to better understand what I was listening to and comprehend the music in its societal context. To me the music was just angry noise that got me pumped up and made me questions the excitement of a happy-go-lucky picture perfect life. I didn't know how to apply the music and grunginess to anything other than myself. To put it another way, it gave me the ideas but my age didn't allow for me to truly understand what to do with them, which I think made me feel a a little lost. Like I said earlier, this makes me really curious about if the music would have had a different impact in my life if I were of similar age to Kurt Cobain when he was releasing his music because I'd be able to relate more to the artist. I make the comparison to how I feel when I listen to music now and the artists are of similar age to me. I understand subtle things that connect me to the artist and make it easier for me to understand and relate to the music. I believe that connection with the artist lets me to make a more positive and direct impact on how I live my life by allowing me to understand the context of the music. I think understanding the context of the music created by an artist is important because it allows one the opportunity to apply it to your own life instead of letting it be your way of life.

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