Spice Girls - Wannabe

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Many teenage girls in this generation believe that there is the "perfect guy" waiting for her somewhere out there. They fantasize about every little detail that they want in a partner, and are not open-minded about any flaws that men may have. This sort of mindset may be due to the made-up love stories in media, particularly the lyrics of songs such as "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls, which portray the idea that a woman can have whatever kind of man that they desire. Girls get this idea in their head that men should behave exactly how they expect them to be, and they sometimes even believe that men are not worth the trouble of dating if they do not possess the specific qualities of the man in their dreams. In my experience, the girls with this mindset behave in one of two ways: either these girls do not generally date and experiment much with different guys since they think that they have not yet met the "perfect guy", or they date but just can't hold a solid relationship since that they cannot accept the fact that guys have flaws. This can either cause many close-minded teenage girls to miss out on experiencing the not-so-perfect qualities in boys that they may end up liking, or it could cause these girls to not be able to hold a long term relationship in the future. These ideas, in which men are not worth your time if they are not exactly what you want, may also contribute as to why there has been such a high divorce rate lately. It has been more socially accepted to divorce your partner if things aren't perfect rather than trying to repair your marriage and dealing with the flaws of your partner. People should realize that you need to work with what you have instead of assuming you will get exactly what you want.

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