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I am a huge fan of horror movies, there is just something about being scared to the point where you are afraid to be in a room alone that is exciting. One thing that I ave noticed much like music has become horror movies have grown to be less and less scary due to the time spent on the special effects instead of the story-telling and suspense build up. If only producers and directors could look at videos like Micheal Jackson's Thriller and horror movies from the 1990's again to bring back what was once focused on in a horror movie.
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One look at the music video of Thriller it was obvious that Micheal Jackson new what it took to portray horror in a song. For starters the music video is ten minutes long! Obviously he spent a lot of time making sure that his point would get across in the correct way. Micheal Jackson in his music video really focuses on his dancing and singing to portray feelings. He uses these talents that require very little special effects to tell a story about monsters. And I know there are special effects in his video but the special effects are not the only thing being focused on, they are just there to tell the story instead of the story being those special effects which is what is seen in today's horror movies. Micheal Jackson and 1970-1990 horror films portray exactly what horror films today are missing--a story being told to an audience--and it would be great if horror movies could get back to that, as is shown in the picture something as simple as a shadow can scare someone awake all night!

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Honestly, I enjoy the new horror movies that were made in the past couple decades much more than the horror movies that were made throughout 1970-1990. With rapidly innovating technology, the special effects of the older movies seem very cheesy and fake compared to the new movies. As a result of this, these terrible special effects often cause the audience of the older movies to laugh rather than scream. On the other hand, the new and improved special effects of modern horror films allow the audience to feel as though they are actually a part of the movie, thus generating more arousal and fear. So, even though older horror movies may tell a good story, they no longer create the same level of terror that modern day horror films are able to produce.

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