Thriller - Michael Jackson

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Agreeing with the reading material, monsters and all things scary are deeply rooted in youth culture, and specifically that of teens. The question is there as to why youth have such a fascination with scaring themselves. Maybe it's just a way of acknowledging fears that are there in a way that can be controlled and manipulated; you simply watch a movie and at the end of the night it's over, and life returns to normal. I think that Thriller is a good example of this phenomenon and showing the diverse reactions such as Michael's laughing while the audience screams. The point is that the audience is still there, whether they like the movie or not, to satisfy a curiosity towards fear. There seems to be an innate need to be scared and experience fear, especially for youth, as most of us haven't and won't experience the kind of fear we are using to scare ourselves with. The second draw towards scary movies is that most situations depicted in them simply don't exist and so they are fun to theorize about, as zombies don't seem to actually wander down the street. The reading argues that watching these movies is the subconscious preparing for how to deal with these situations, which explains horror films with the human element, the horror that is actually possible in everyday life. It is a natural tendency to theorize a horrible situation happening and how to deal with it, and movies seem to satisfy this tendency as they make a good outlet for the need to visualize and they can get the adrenaline pumping or be the scariest thing in the world but the important thing is they END and life returns to normal. Thriller shows the perfect example of this, as his girlfriend is scared and seems to have this never-ending nightmare but at the end the "conflict" is resolved and she wakes up.

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