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Like what the reading materials has said, monsters in movies, books and media videos do provide teenagers opportunities to experience the dangerous issues before they meet them in their adults--when watching the move or reading the book, most teens integrate themselves into a major character; they conjecture the protagonist's behavior; they experience the same stores the protagonist is experiencing. Those scary stories teaches the youth the way to survive and the right decision they should make.
However, I believe these threatening words and images bring not only some advantages but also a great bunch of harmfulness. First look at this way: before vampire stories, wolf man stories, zombie stories and ghost stories are told, the youth do not even know what is bloody and they are not scared being alone. The threatening images and movies make them believe that in the dark these horrible fictional organisms will come out and kill them. When helping the youth overcome the fear, these scary movies and books is causing unnecessary fears at the same time. These non-existent organisms coming from human imaginations are building a more and more dread world for the new generation.
What's more, plots limit the way teens think. When they are watching a horror movie, they are accepting every actions. Take Thriller as a example, the girl in the MV learns that when facing a danger, people will scream and run from a movie she watches in the theater. Then, when the danger truly happens, she starts to scream and run instead of fighting with zombies or calling a phone call. In her mind, the previous movie she has seen tells her what to do and dominate her behaviors. The human-made movie plots kill people's thoughts and limit the way people think.

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