Thriller- Michael Jackson

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Throughout the music video of "Thriller" Michael Jackson kept changing from the charming young man that everyone loves, to morphing into some kind of sick monster within a matter of seconds. This change from good to bad, back to good represents the roller coaster of an average teenage life. Growing up as a child, life is easy; all we did was watch cartoons on Saturday mornings and play with our plastic toys. As we grew older into our teenage years, we began taking on responsibilities. We began to have to worry about schoolwork, learning how to drive, and getting jobs. There are times in every teenagers life that can make one feeling like they are flying high, to being lower than low in just the matter of seconds. These times can become very stressful, which sometimes causes us to be someone who we are not; like some sort of stranger, or monster. This monster might make us do things like experiment with drugs and alcohol, have unprotected sex, etc. We might not only think of ourselves as monsters, but others might as well, depending on the severity of mistakes that have been made. This monster appearance was even apparent throughout parts of Michael Jackson's music career. With his large amount of surgeries to change his looks, and the rumors that were spread about him and children, the public even viewed him as a monster. After he passed away, however, Michael Jackson is looked upon as one of the most influential artists in all of music today. Even though sometimes we make mistakes and look as if we are monsters, we always tend to turn back to normal and these monstrous actions only play a small role in who we become, if we can learn from the mistakes that we have made.

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