Thriller- Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson started many trends with his music, but I just realized one more that he started. He began what I call the music video/short film. Thriller, to me, feels like a short movie and not a music video. Music videos to me are simply the artist singing their song and acting out what the music means to them. Thriller, along with many videos today, is more than that. Thriller was 14 minutes long for a song that is 6 minutes long, and was directed by famous Hollywood director John Landis. When I first watched Thriller, my parents told me how big of a deal this video was. To them, it was like the release of a movie. It was promoted so much that they waited around the TV and watched the video as it premiered. That amazed me! I have never in my life waited for a music video like they did with Thriller. Michael Jackson transformed the music video into something more. His videos are some of the most memorable to date because of the artistry and imagination he put into those works. I notice even today that some artists are doing the some thing. One example is Telephone by Lady Gaga. This video is 9 minutes long and is set up like a movie. At the beginning there are opening credits listing writers and directors who worked on this video, just like a movie would have. Lady Gaga turned the music video for her song into a short film. I think artists are trying to bring back the excitement surrounding music videos. They are not important anymore in today's society. I think by bringing in well-known directors to create music videos that act like short films, artists are trying to bring back the days of Michael Jackson and Thriller.

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