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The word "thrill" is more than just a simple word for young people. It's a state of mind that elevates a young mind to a level of excitement that reaches unimaginable orbits where the young minds try to out do the previous thrills. The varied and different levels of adrenaline rush sets the tone and ultimately the quality of such moments. The young minds thrive to experience this kick on a daily basis. These moments of heighten exhilaration can happen at any given moment or they can happen after careful planning and plotting. But the spontaneous ones are the ones that offer a buzz that is quite satisfying and electrifying! This sudden rush of adrenaline surges these young minds to scale fences where signs clearly state that trespassers will be prosecuted, drive 8 hours at night to return home against well meaning parents' preferences, consume live insects on a dare, or stroll in a cemetery late late one night and a whole list of events and situations that are numerous, evolving, and endless. One of the things that Michael Jackson's Thriller video speaks to is this rush that young minds relish where fear disappears somewhere in the midst of the need to feel this high. Or maybe fear evolves into something else entirely. It becomes a driving force. The more the young minds feel it, the more it wants to be explored where the only choice is to move forward into it. The video offers a way to experience what might be viewed as dangerous to experience in real life but it is also showing the "thrilling" aspect of those dangerous things--zombies. How many people actually have experienced being surrounded by corpses and zombies like that? Michael Jackson gave people that virtual experience, that thrill and took his fans' imaginations a bit further than where they were before.

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