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After watching Thriller by Michael Jackson it made me think about how I react to scary movies. In the music video there is a scene where Michael Jackson is in a movie theater watching a scary movie. Everyone is clenching in fear while Michael eats his popcorn with a big grin on his face. For some reason I'm not sure of this tends to be me watching scary movies. There is one instance that I vividly remember. I was in the front row at the movie theaters watching the movie, The Grudge, with the creepy pale girl tumbling and contorting down the stairs. I remember one scene in the movie where a girl is an office with a friend having a serious conversation with the principle. Next thing I know the principle is making this creepy, sunken eye, screaming face while just sitting in her chair not moving. Ok... I thought that's a little creepy but still a little random. Alright, lets see what happens next then. The main girl turns her friend who is making the same face along with the teacher and that's where I lost it. I burst out laughing and couldn't stop! At the time I thought there was a good chance I was a little crazy, but with age I learned a few things about what scares me. I've come to realize I'm not really scared of "monsters." In class we talked and read about how monsters prepare us subconsciously for situations we couldn't reenact without danger, which got me thinking about why I would think they are funny? I think monsters are funny to me because they try to hard and that, rationally, I know I wont experience that situation. Although I'm not scared of monsters I am scared of situations and movies involving a human element. For example movies like the Shining where Jack Nicholson goes crazy in the solitary cabin stuck in Montana blizzard. Movies that have a human element scare me because there is that chance of someone being that crazy. I think the theory of human monsters preparing me for potential real world outcomes makes sense because I can readily place myself into that situation. Monsters on the other hand I have a hard time taking serious. So from that I gather that my subconscious is preparing my sense of humor for when zombies and aliens begin their attack.

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