Thriller and Zombies

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So the other day in class when we were all using the databases to look up various monstrosities and what not, I kept coming across what seemed to be a hot button issue in philosophy...dealing with zombies. The perfect complement to this week's Thriller video, the discussion was about whether zombies could exist in our society. Of course not the brain eating and partially decomposed zombies we seen in such shows as the Walking Dead, but rather the articles seemed to discuss if there could be such thing as a zombie that behaved just like any normal human but lacked consciousness. They would be practically indistinguishable from all other humans but these zombies would not physically feel anything, have no emotional feelings towards anything, and have no soul. The supporters of this idea of consciousless zombies use the idea to support or disprove several other ideas and positions in philosophy of which I didn't really care to investigate further. The best part though is those that oppose this idea of zombies do admit that the concept is possible, and then they go on to show how it doesn't disprove materialism or support physicalism and this and that. Is this whole thing not comical to anyone else? There are people with PhDs, publishing authors, and other really smart people arguing if zombies could exist but not just normal movie zombies. No these are zombies that look and behave exactly like humans, so no matter what you say you can't prove they don't exist. It's probably just due to my scientific mind set but I don't see how there can be academic papers published extensively on bother sides of this argument that will never be able to prove the validity of their arguments. I guess this is why I will never be majoring in philosophy.

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