Thriller-Michael Jackson

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From a member of the Jackson 5, to the artist behind the number one sold album in the world, Michael Jackson will always continue to amaze me as a person. I have a certain philosophy that I thought of when I was younger, when somebody is super talented, beyond comparison, they will also turn out to be weird as F***; and I'm not just commenting on his recent moonlighting as a pedophile, along with training to become a catholic priest. Although they both seem to be related I am talking about his fantastic weirdness long before his surgeries and late night alleged activates at never land. Who would have thought to create such an elaborate music video such as thriller, the way the relatively short eleven music video has so much content, from the beginning plot of the movie, to the dance, to the dream, then to the plot twist, I think Chris Nolan may owe Mr. Jackson quite the amount of money for taking his idea and using it for his own gain in the new movie "Inception". The focus for the music video highlights the simplistic points in the song, even though it has simple and catchy lyrics, it incorporates such a broad audience who can sit down and enjoy Mr. Jackson's music. I think the only person I have ever heard say they hated Michael Jackson's music were the catholic priests who were not invited to never land to play. However, all joking aside, whatever alleged things he does in his free time should never change the power and the message in the music. There is no denying the amazement in the music video that people still experience even though it has been over 20 years, the artist has changed from black to white, and has even passed away, rest in peace the creator of a new age.

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