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Halloween is that time of the year where fun and fear combine to create memories jam-packed with awesomeness. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson is definitely the quintessential music video to represent the ideals of Halloween. It has scary monsters, epic chases, and undeniably smooth dancing. For the sake of this blog though, let's just assume that this is real life and not a dream. I am also going to focus solely on the monsters' attack. If I had zombies chasing me, things would have ended much differently.

The main mistake the girl in the video made was attempting to outrun the zombies. It is highly unlikely that one can continuously avoid them assuming that they continue infecting the rest of the population. It would eventually turn into a one against a million type of situation, and nobody likes those odds. I personally feel that it would be smart to at least attempt to fight back against the oncoming monster attack. My zombie-slaying fury would begin by obtaining some guns and ammo from my 2nd Amendment loving uncle. Then I would go knock at Tiger Woods' door so that I could use a golf club as a melee weapon. Our interaction would undeniably go something like this.

Me: Hey Tiger! I have some zombies chasing me. Can I borrow a club to beat them down?

Tiger: Oh that sounds like a pretty sticky situation you've got yourself in. I've had quite a few of those myself, if you know what I mean *wink and elbow nudge*. But you can have one my old drivers if you want.

Me: Something was definitely done here, and I like it. But thank you so much, Tiger. You're the best!

I would proceed to take my newfound weapons and go D-Day on those zombies' asses. Every single zombie would be quickly disposed of including the leader. In this situation, it would be Michael Jackson. You had better believe that I wouldn't take it easy on him just because he's the "King of Pop." I would take my Tiger Woods driver and blast his zombie head into the next zip code. At this point I would be safe from the monster attack whereas the girl in the music video would be dead.

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