Thrilling movements

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Watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, I'm always amazed by his penchant for silent storytelling. So much of the video's story is told non-verbally through his dance and body language. I feel as though most of us go through our lives without really paying attention to how we hold our bodies, and it makes a big difference! People's body language and posture determine so much of how we are perceived and received by others. Somebody who holds themselves with strong and proper posture is far more likely to be respected and taken seriously than someone who slouches constantly. We can take advantage of these perceptions in everyday life by ensuring that we always use the right posture for the moment. What to be taken seriously? Stand up straighter. Want to blend in a little? Slouch and keep your head down.

So much of Michael's appeal came from the way in which he was able to manipulate his audience's emotions and perceptions through his carefully constructed, but seemingly effortless, body movements. I think that we could all learn some valuable lessons from his bodily control. If we could all hold our bodies with such grace and poise the world would be a very different place.

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