Trapped in the Closet - R Kelly

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R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet does a good job of showing just how present unfaithfulness is in today's culture. In today's culture, including youth culture, more people cheat than ever before and for any number of reasons seem to think they are justified: their partner cheated, they lost interest in their relationship, or any number of other reasons. In many cases it seems to be the thrill of sneaking around, and the only time remorse comes in is realizing you got caught. This is a drastic change from past generations where you were married off at a young age and it was unthinkable to cheat of your spouse. Instead we have gradually become a culture where cheating is barely taboo, as all sorts of justifications are accepted by society when really none of them should. Many of this can be blamed on the media, where the themes of sex, and recklessness, and often times cheating are shown to youth over and over again. After a while of seeing this it almost seems to become okay as the "everyone must be doing it" mentality comes out simply because that is what is shown in the media, the bad side. Youth culture has seen a shift from stressing the importance of loyalty to physical enjoyment and the want for instant gratification. This translates to more and more youth cheating simply because they want to and can, the opportunity is there because the youth culture accepts it as something that just happens and is uncontrollable. Whether or not people cheat, it is still hard to understand how it can seem okay, regardless of any possible "justification" in a relationship. Unfortunately, the media does a poor job of showing that there is no justification and has made the unfortunate impression in today's society that it is an acceptable choice.

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