Video Killed a lot of Music

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Watching Video Killed the Radio Star and learning about the origins of the music videos that are everywhere today got me thinking about the music I like and what music videos have done to the industry as a whole. I love listening to music: being able to feel the different emotions associated with different songs, being in awe of the amazing lyrics that artists can produce, and enjoying the instrumental portion just as much as the rest of the song, is what makes music so great in my opinion. I love the classic rock songs and a lot of indie/alternative rock that is produced today (the music that often stays off of the music video path) because it still stays true to the integrity of what makes music great.
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As much as I love music I cant stand the current music video craze, if I wanted to watch a movie I would get a movie, and more often then not the songs fall short of their potential because instead of focusing on the song and what goes into making a song great they focus on whats going to make an okay song that will have an even cooler music video--one that can be played on everyone's TV set when that top 20 countdown comes on. Artists should go back to focusing on their lyrics and instrumental work that creates an amazing song instead of trying to become movie producers!!!

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