Video Killed the Radio Star

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When I think of "Video Killed the Radio Star" I think of how disappointing MTV is today. "Video Killed the Radio Star" started the Golden era of MTV, where they played music videos all day long. I wish that MTV would return. Now when you tune into MTV all you get is the Jersey Shore and Teen Mom. I don't want to see idiots running around New Jersey when I flip on MTV, I want to see actual music videos. This just depresses me! MTV stands for music television, yet there is no music on anymore. The channel should be renamed to RTV, reality television. If you want to find music videos on TV you have to go to VH1. However, VH1 doesn't show music videos exclusively. They have other programs that they show along with music videos, but at least they air some. That's better than what MTV can say. The music video central is now YouTube/Vevo. I can't complain though. I love Vevo, because it does what MTV should do. Vevo has almost every artist imaginable and I can watch all the videos I want. I can't help but be disappointed though. With all of the channels that MTV has you would think that they could turn one into a music channel. Or with all the money they make they could create that channel. I guess every company has to grow and MTV has decided that reality television is where the money is. MTV is not just a TV channel anymore; it's a global corporation whose number one priority is to make money. I wish MTV would return to the time of "Video Killed the Radio Star," but I know that time has passed. Maybe MTV could bring back Ashton Kutcher to Punk'd and start to redeem itself.

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