Video Killed the Radio Star

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Way back when at the beginning of the semester, we talked briefly about what marks the end of one generation and the beginning of the other and what really are the defining factors between the generations. One thing that I think is a great way to distinguish between the different generations is by what form of media they received their entertainment and news from. Over the decades each main stream form of media has had its glory day then was replaced as a younger generation grew up with the latest and greatest advancements in technology. Of course, the other forms of media didn't necessarily die out but they certainly took a dive in popularity. In my opinion, the timeline goes something like this: newspapers were replaced by radio, Tv killed the radio star (get the reference?), and currently Tv is in the process of being replaced by the internet. Like I said all these different forms of media are still around. I still use every single one of them, but the vast majority of my news and entertainment come from the internet or my computer in some way. So to pair these forms of media with their respective generations newspapers would go with the generations in the decades before the 1920s, radio belongs to those who lived from the 1920s to around the late 1980s and the Internet reigns from 1990 to today. This of course implies that there are only four generations in the last century which is untrue. For example, within the 60 year period that Tv reign supreme there were a few generations within that depending on who you talk too. I think though that this is a good way to start distinguishing between generations over a long period of time, and then further breaking those categories into other generations based on other criteria.

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