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We are all constantly exposed to various architectural styles and elements throughout our daily activities. There is simply no escaping the designed environments around us. Because their presence is so widespread, I feel that it is uncommon for people to actually stop and consider how they effect us physically and mentally. For example, the music video for the song Wannabe was filmed in the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. The location is never reveled in the video, but the building is crucial in setting the mood and telling the video's story. From the very first shot of the building, we see several Greek columns forming a symmetrical entrance. This classical formality is crucial in communicating the feeling that the Spice Girls are storming into a stuffy high-class venue to shake things up.
The nice thing about architecture is that we all understand it more than we give ourselves credit for. It's what causes us to describe environments as cozy, jarring, clean, unsettling, or any number of other things. It's the reason why a log cabin on a lake can make you feel relaxed while a cathedral with soaring vaulted ceilings can make you feel insignificant. Learning about architecture is, on some level, essentially giving names to things that we constantly experience but are too busy to notice. For example, there are two primary styles of organizing a building: divisive and additive. Divisive design takes a building footprint and divides the internal space into the rooms needed, while additive design takes each individual room and builds it onto the whole like an over-sized lego set. By having knowledge of just basic architectural elements, it is possible to gain much greater appreciation for the designed environments that we inhabit.

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I can honestly say that I would have never actually considered looking into the architectural styles of a music video, especially one made by the Spice Girls. I personally think their dance moves and interesting choice of clothing is too distracting. But now that you point it out and discuss the significance of the architectural elements, that might actually be something that I can't help but notice now (it's like when someone points out something really annoying that you never noticed, but then after they point it out it's all you can think about...) . I guess I never took into consideration the small things that make you feel a certain way or give off a certain vibe about places. This makes me think of the scenery in the Thriller music video with the run down houses and dark streets to really set the mood of the video.

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