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After watching the music video Criminal by Fiona Apple, it makes me wonder what the intrigue in heroin chic was. I understand the thrill of having a wild party and trashing the place as portrayed in the music video, but not the scenes where she is out of control. Half of me likes to imagine the scenario of me waking up in a daze looking around trying to piece together the last night and why I woke up with a large mirror in my jacket (true story). But as I'm writing this I'm reminded how The Hangover glorifies these actions of intoxication because it is seemingly comical to try and figure out why there is a tiger in your hotel bathroom or a mirror in your jacket. While I agree that it is a funny movie my tamer half has to admit that these portrayals of being so out of control are unsettling, especially with the portrayal of heroin chic and the music video. I'd be lying if I said Fiona Apple, at the time 19, was not attractive but some of the ways she is portrayed in the music video negates all interest. Particularly at 1:30 when she looks crazy enough to rip off her own skin and be of harm to her self. She looks helpless and lost and to be honest if I saw that in person I would be pretty freaked out. I think I speak for most when I say its attractive to see someone who can handle there own and has a head on their shoulders. I'd say what confuses me the most about how heroin chic was attractive is how one can get past the emotionally weak, uncomfortable "look" of it.

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