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I've noticed that almost every one of the blog posts on here about Criminal mention that they don't find Fiona Apple attractive, and that the lifestyle portrayed in her video is so terrible. I disagree. Personally I think Fiona is a very attractive woman, she's a bit skinny but that doesn't bother me too much, or at all, honestly, I like skinny girls. I also think that judging the heroin chic lifestyle portrayed in her video so harshly is probably a bit hypocritical. I think that this lifestyle is probably quite similar to the average partying college student. At least hopefully apart from selling everything in the house for heroin money... I would venture to guess that most college students homes aren't incredibly neat and tidy, and I'm sure there are times when a passed out drunk guy is sleeping on your floor. Maybe you know who he is, maybe you don't, but he looks comfortable, so you'll let him sleep on. I feel like things haven't really changed all that much since her time, leaving out style and changes in technology. Young people back then drank, smoked, and partied. Nowadays they continue to drink, smoke, and party. Their lives were very similar to ours today, and if you choose to judge it harshly that's fine, as long as you realize that you are judging the lifestyle of today as well. And I don't really think its that bad of a lifestyle, it could be better, but it could be a whole lot worse. Who are we to judge? Now I'm not trying to advocate the use of heroin, its a terrible drug that has ruined a lot of people's lives. I'm just saying that times really haven't changed that much.

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