Criminal/Heroin Chic

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I thought that the whole heroin chic discussion was one of the most interesting that we had as a class, and I liked the way that we expanded to drug culture in general. It's interesting how each sub-generation or decade seems to have it's own underground sub-culture going on. It's fairly easy to miss how much of a part that heroin chic played in the 90's unless you look for it and where it shows up is movies and advertisements. the 90's seem to be ripe with advertisements glorifying drug culture while being aimed at youth because that it who companies could impress their message on, and thus influence to purchase a product. What they didn't realize is that adverse affect of this advertisement was having the drug culture present in youth put directly in the glorifying spotlight and expanding it's hold on youth. It is best emphasized in "Criminal" how the drug culture is glorified, both back then and today, with the "don't give a damn" party culture, the substance abuse, and the blackouts that follow from which the subjects awake later in a disheveled state and have to pick up the pieces of their life that have gone missing in the past hours. While it all might seem like fun it's quite alarming just how many people actually believe that it would be okay or a good idea. This is why the heroin chic type cultures exist, both because of the public acceptance of this lifestyle in society and the influence of the corporate world on youth, and with how impressionable youth are, that influence is downright criminal.

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