Fiona Apple - "Criminal"

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Fiona Apple has clearly gone through her share of troubled and abusive relationships, as you can see from the lyrics of the majority of her songs. After viewing the lyrics and music video of the song "Criminal", it is quite obvious that Fiona is asking for forgiveness after cheating on the man whom she apparently "loved". However, the problem about this song is whether or not she actually loved this person, since she was clearly not satisfied with her current lover if she decided to have relations with another man. Many people, particularly those who are in troubled or abusive relationships, mistake love for something else. I suspect that Fiona Apple may be confusing a different emotion for "love" in this relationship, because it is doubtful that she would have even considered cheating on him or hurting him in any way if she loved him. She has revealed in her music videos, particularly in the video of the song "Criminal", that she has been previously abused in relationships, and she has apparently returned the favor to the boyfriend who had treated her right. Additionally, she repeatedly sings in this song "Because he's all I ever knew of love", hinting that she really doesn't know what true love is, but this boyfriend is the closest she has come to it. It is implied that the man in this song is one of the few men in Fiona Apple's life who had treated her with respect, but she ruined it. Therefore, it would not be unreasonable to claim that, due to her previously abusive relationships, she does not know how to act in a respectable and healthy relationship.

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