Heroin Chic Criminal

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The video that I am choosing to write about is "Criminal" by Fiona Apple. This video is shocking to me because I have never heard of heroin chic before this. Once I watched the video I realized that I can remember this sort of style and seeing people that represent this idea but I just never knew what it was classified as. Now that I am informed on heroin chic and the background of it I can see why people enjoyed heroin chic. People constantly strive to be part of the "in" crowd and be part of the next big thing. This is all that heroin chic was it was just the fad at the time. Just like nearly every other fad the beginnings of it stem from celebrities. As soon as that first celebrity (whoever it was) got the idea of using heroin and dressing like you are basically homeless it has just snowballed into a bigger and bigger band wagon that people kept just jumping on because someone cool was doing it. Once this happened obviously the media and advertising got ahold of it and used it to their advantage. They saw the fad coming so they began designing things that would appeal to followers of the fad and then brought in celebrities to endorse their products and just make the whole idea grow more and more. Heroin chic was quite an extreme fad that people caught on to. Probably one of the most intense because the basic idea is to pretend you are on heroin and your life is falling apart. For this to somehow catch on as the fun thing to do amazes me and yet somehow it did and is still evident in culture in some ways.

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I also didn't know there was something called heroin chic or that it was such a big deal. I mean I knew that people were using heroin but not that it was becoming a fad.

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