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When I fist saw Fiona Apple's Criminal in the writing class, I was shocked by every sexual senses appearing in the screen. Then both the reading and the MTV caused me to think about the difference between the United States and China.
In China, I never see any drug using, high-level sexual content or a great amount of violence used in a MTV because they are forbidden; we are not allowed to parade because are illegal; sex is a secret topic; one year old, a person wrote an article online to slander China government disappeared in next week and the article was immediately deleted by unknown people in the second day; even our historical event such as 1989's Tiananmen Square Massacre is deeply hidden by the government and our parents. It seems everything in China is controlled by the Communist Party.
Before I went to the U.S., I once appreciated the freedom Americans have in the U.S. and I wish I could be one of them, living in this space. Yes. I did find everything (especially bad side) that I could not find in China after I got to the U.S.: endless crimes on campus, uncontrolled sexual content, sex topic everywhere.
After I got in touch with some real cultures of the U.S., I realized something is not being correct in the U.S.--the U.S. government permits too much freedom. Guys are using too much and too casually; it is common to see a college girl changing her sexual partners every week; in almost every MTV, I can see sex. I believe that being open and liberal is advanced. But what I have seen in the U.S. also makes me worried: Americans have too much freedom.
I really hope Americans could realize these phenomena and make some changes.

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I appreciate your culture and beliefs, but I feel like your idea of the United States is slightly mislead. Of course our culture consists of images connoting sex and drugs, but it is not our right to freedom that makes these things desirable. Although most U.S. citizens see these kinds of images quite often, this doesn't mean every citizen agrees or participates in this frowned upon behavior. The great thing about the United States is that although we have seemingly unlimited freedom, we still have personal values and beliefs that ultimately drive our decisions, not the government. Although it may not seem U.S. citizens have the freedom to commit the crimes you see on campus, these crimes are illegal and punishable. I hope you can experience the positive effects of our right to freedom while you are visiting.

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