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Watching the music video, "Pop" by NSYNC, the other day in class really got me wondering about how Justin Timberlake is literally the only boy band member who is still relevant in today's society. Out of all of the boy bands, everybody except for Timberlake seemingly vanished. This was not the case with Justin Timberlake, who was a member of NSYNC. He actually became even more popular after he went out on his own. During the height of the boy band craze, Justin Timberlake was extremely visible, but people did not take him seriously. Nobody ever took boy bands seriously, and they always seemed to have a lot of haters. I, along with many other people, personally felt that boy bands did not have any actual talent. We all thought that they were just the results of successful marketing and a vulnerable fan base. Even if the individual members had talent, the dynamics of a boy band simply don't allow for those talents to shine. I thought that after NSYNC disbanded, all of the members would go into relative obscurity. Justin Timberlake, however, continued making a name for himself and actually showcased his ability as an entertainer. He had a successful solo career recording music and even began showing up on the big screen. In my mind, Justin Timberlake went from one of those feminine singers to a guy who made millions of dollars, married Jessica Biel, and ran train on Mila Kunis without being in a committed relationship (in a movie). He reached unfounded levels of popularity and legitimacy through his hard work and dedication. I never would have wanted to be in a boy band, but I would undoubtedly love to trade lives with Justin Timberlake right now. His story is all the more impressive considering the fact that he is the one outlier who was successful outside of his boy band.

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Justin Timberlake's popularity level has really increased ever since he went solo. That is what happens to many groups. The lead singer ends up being the most famous and the most successful. Ever since he went solo its as if he had become a whole new person. His music style definitely changed also.

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