Pop by N Sync: what is authenticity

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I do not totally agree with the opinion that in order to find their authenticity, people have to give up everything they own or break every law and the definition of authenticity. To me, authenticity is a complete "ego". Just like what N Sync sings in Pop, no matter which clothing we are wearing and the place we are standing on, we are still having our unchangeable individual characteristics. I believe that we are born with same soul and human mind; the family, personal experience, environment and culture influence the way we think and create our own unique characters. Sometimes people call it "destiny". This different "destiny" then endows us a distinctive way to think, express and act. Authenticity I believe is the instinct inside our mind, the thing that dominates our behaviors. Usually, we can see a great part of Authenticity through the way we think. I do not deny that money and status cloud some people's eyes. But throwing all of this wealth away also makes us lose a small part of authenticity--the way to treat money is also a part of "ego". Just like some people are born to be greedy. In order to see this characteristic, they have to stay with money and power. What's more, some people are born to be obedient, so they do not break any law to see this authenticity. People are using their authenticity to deal with every situation and every action also reflects their authenticity.

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