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e video "Pop" by NSYNC is quite confusing to me. At first when I watched it I was blown away by the style and the overall theme of the whole video. The reason that I had this confusion in the beginning was because I first tried listening to the lyrics and the way I interpreted them made the whole video seem pretty hypocritical. I thought this because of how they claim that the clothes that they wear don't matter and the cars that they drive have no effect on them. I feel this is hypocritical because of the fact that they are famous, anything they do is a idolized, and they are dancing and singing just to make a video for a dong that they created in order to become famous. For them to say this stuff does not matter to them is hard to believe because the only reason they are at the level that they are at is because they worked hard for it, they worked hard to become famous and have all the privileges that come along with it. Once I listened to it again and paid more attention to the rest of the song I began to see what they were really getting at which was that at the time some people viewed them strangely and in this video they wanted to point out how they are just having fun and that the music they are making is enjoyable and people have fun with it. Another aspect of the video that I found interesting was the whole style of it. What they tried to do was make this one video that a bunch of people could relate to and enjoy whether the reason they enjoy it is the art style, their fashion, the beat, the lyrics, or the different styles of singing. They just simply wanted people to enjoy it.

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