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Listening to the hit song "Pop" by NSync brought me back to my elementary days. I imagined myself getting a ride to school from my mom in our purple van. I remember turning on the radio saying "Wow, I hate this song." Secretly, I loved this song. I even had an NSync CD in my bedroom, under my bed, where absolutely NO ONE could see it. I would listen to it almost every night before going to sleep. NSync was the typical boy band that was "hated" by all my guy friends at school. Looking back on it today, I know there had to be other guys that liked NSync. I say this because NSync reminds me of the modern day One Direction. One Direction is the boy band "hated" by all guys and is only liked by the female race. One Direction has songs that make me want to jam out every time I hear them (that took me a lot of courage to say), just like NSync did. I know that other guys like One Direction because one day I strolled on over to my friends apartment, looked at the wall, and saw a One Direction poster. I asked him if it was a joke, and he said, "No, I love One Direction, I'm even going to their concert." His answer had me so surprised that I was speechless. I took his words carefully, however, and realized that someone shouldn't hide something from others just because they think they might look stupid to others. People need to just be themselves and not care what others think. So I'm telling all my guy friends- I know you guys love One Direction, so BLAST it as loud as you can as you're riding around town!!!

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