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"Tired of feeling all around me animosity," a line from their video, "Pop," gives NSync a platform from which to sing of their discontent to their critics and wanting proper validation that is befitting of the way they truly see themselves. They identify themselves as a legitimate pop group with comparable talent as any other popular group of their time. They want to be treated with respect based on the talent that they know they have and not the image that others portray of them as a phase that will pass. This by far echos the many voices that stream from so many young minds these days who are asserting their individualities, wanting to freely experience and express all the varying and highly youthful energies and emotions that are dancing inside us at any given moment. The true essence of being young where you want to taste all aspects of life all at once! This vitality wants to find release constantly and the remarkable thing is that most times you are able to. This free flowing vigor that pumps our blood may seem like it lacks sensibility when the waist of our jeans comes down to our thighs, when we decide to wear ear rings that make huge holes in our lobes, or dance late into the morning hours. Don't they see that we are trying to find our niche/purpose and fixating on playing our present role the best way our young minds comprehend for the life stage that we are in? The moment that we are tasting warrants that we enjoy it to the fullest and that is what we aim to do. We strive for our own true authenticity where the present moment is the most potent and displays a real aspect of ourselves! Ask Eckhart Tolle! In the midst of it all, these young minds are keenly mindful of following the traditions and customs that nurtured us by treating all as we want to be treated--with utmost respect. We are mindful that we are children of a certain community which is a part of a more global community and that we have a stake in making a difference in it. It's the rhythm and pulse of that music that we feel in our youthful bodies and it rocks us!

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I agree Pop boy groups haven't really gotten a lot of respect. I think a big part of the reason why they don't is because people see boys are being masculine and thus not doing little dance moves and singing. For example, unlike pop music, rap music is hardcore and straight to the point, so boys in the rap game still get their masculine credibility, will still doing their music.

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