Thriller---Michael Jackson

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Even in scary movies the role of male masculinity is undeniable. Men have for long had the power to emotionally hurt women and to also protect them. For example, in the music video Thriller, it began like every romance story-----the boy took the girl out on a date, they had a good time and he asked her to be his girlfriend. Okay now what's next....probably the boy ending up disappointing the girl. This is exactly what happened to Michael Jackson in Thriller when he turned into a werewolf and is shown as "not being who he claimed to be". This makes us (the audience) and the girl in the video question whether or not to believe anything he had said before his dramatic transformation. The ability of boys to break hearts is prevalent in TV shows, movies and even music videos. Girls are such tender butterflies, they tend to love with all their heart and believe every deceiving word coming from their "prince charming". It isn't until you see the 'true colors" of a man that you realize you were falling in love with nothing more than a familiar stranger. What surprises me is how men have also been a representation of protection. In the Thriller video, even though Michael Jackson scared the girl when he turned into a zombie, when she woke up from what might have been "a dream" she felt safe with him being there. This caused her to believe that the whole episode was just a fiction of her imagination. I know most men are physically stronger than women but COME ON there has to be a bigger reason for this "male protection theory". Male protection has been heavily emphasized in movies and TV shows, it's as if boys are obligated to protect girls. Likewise girls have accepted it and have been supportive of this idea of male protection. I guess it's true what they say---Boys can't live with them, can't live without them!!!

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