Video Killed the Radio Star

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Music videos have come along way from the first music video shown on MTV, Video Killed the Radio Star. They have change because of changes in technology, styles, genres, and mass media.
Music videos can be more complex and have more affects in them, because of improved technology over time. Music videos change according to what is new will people's styles and views in the world. Some of the videos even follow mass media to go along with trends in society.
Music videos have change from something new to something expected, and many of them today try and tell a story, or prove a point about their lives or society. They are not used as much to try and get people to buy an album in todays society, they are used more to get their music seen, and show that they are keeping up with trends in society.
Another thing that has changed with music videos is that many of them are lyric videos created by the record company. These videos may show a few glimpses of the band, but are mostly words against a changing background. The style of the text changes with the mood in the song and how different parts are sung. The words follow along with the beat of the song and go along with the singing.
The fact that they are using lyric videos instead of just showing the bands may be because the bands are not well know yet and they do not have the funds for a complex directed music video. It could also be a new way of branding. They could be trying to not show the band so that people will be curious about how they look and what they actually play like. And this curiosity can be used to draw those people into going to the concerts for those bands so that the can see them.

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I agree with you there are many techniques used by music videos. Music videos have been very popular because they show a physical representation of the messages trying to be portray a certain message to the audience. Music videos have changed over the years and are becoming for detailed to appeal to more audiences

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