Video Killed the Radio Star

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Watching Video Killed the Radio Star made me reminisce about my childhood. This song is about the death of the radio drama, caused by the gaining popularity of TV. As a child I had the good fortune to be exposed to some old radio drama episodes. My dad listened to CBS Radio Mystery Theater when he was younger, it was actually airing when video killed the radio star was released. He managed to get recordings of a bunch of the old episodes, and we would listen to them as we fell asleep when we went camping. He also got some episodes of The Shadow, which aired back during the thirties. These radio dramas are really cool, I love listening to them. It's amazing how well the stories can pull you into your imagination as you lay back with your eyes closed, listening intently. I would create a whole visual world inside my mind while the episode played. I like The Shadow the most, he was an invincible, invisible superhero, who was the inspiration for Batman. Every time I laid down and started the next episode I was instantly transported into the Shadow's world with the iconic introduction; "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows..." But what I remember most was his laugh. The Shadow has the most sinister laugh I have ever heard, and I remember being so intrigued by the fact that he was so dark and frightening, and yet was always such a hero. I really miss radio dramas, the amazing, imaginative effect they have on you is in no way reproducible by TV. I really wish video hadn't killed the radio star.

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