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The Spice Girls were promoters of "Girl Power" and I think that Wannabe does a good job of promoting the idea. Wannabe brings up the idea of men meeting the requirements of women, and not the other way around. In society, the common view is that men have specific qualities that they are looking for in a woman and if they don't meet them then they move on to the next girl. In Wannabe, the Spice Girls are making the men change for them. That is what "Girl Power" is to me. For most of history, women were not equal with men. Luckily, that has changed in many aspects of life. However, I feel like in the realm of relationships women are still viewed as less than men. Women are expected by society to look and act a certain way around men. This idea is portrayed in the media frequently. Just look at something like How I Met Your Mother. The women Barney always picks up in bars are the hot ones with a great body, and aren't that smart. I like that the Spice Girls turned that around in their music video. Even their nicknames in the group suggest that girls don't have to act in a certain way. Their nicknames are Posh Spice, Sporty Spice, Scary Spice, Baby Spice, and Ginger Spice. This shows that girls can be sporty, or classy or anything that they want to be. I like that about the Spice Girls. Plus, their songs are pretty good!


The Spice Girls really were like the definition of Girl Power, and I personally feel like every tween girl loved it even though they didn’t even realize what kind of impact the Spice Girls were trying to have. They certainly did alter the ways of society a little bit by making the men live up to their standards. But I agree with what you’re saying about how the standards are still up to the men in today’s society. I feel like it’s always going to be like that. I’m not saying that girls don’t set their standards for guys or anything, but it always seems like guys make it much more obvious what their standards for a “hot” girl are. Times have changed when it comes to girls and their power, but I think it will always remain that guys have more power than girls, just because that’s how everyone is brought up in society.

I totally agree with this blog, the role of women in the society is really changing. Now women are taking more of an important role in relationships and have standards in which they want men too uphold. Times have really changed and men now have a voice in matters they didn't before.

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