Wannabe by The Spice Girls


The hit "Wannabe" by the British pop band The Spice Girls hit number 2 on Billboard's Top 10 about fourteen minutes after its U.S. debut in January of 1997. Coincidence? I don't think so. So what did the band mates-Pop Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice, Ginger Spice, and Posh Spice- do that made this song so infectious? They combined the bubble-gum pop music with a political message about a new kind of feminism. The Spice Girls found success through "Wannabe" because they used their fame to empower young females. Ironically, with this new sense of empowerment among the young fans of the Spice Girls, the beginning of an age where it was socially acceptable for women to embrace their unavoidable sex appeal began. In the video "Wannabe" the Spice Girls were showing enough midriff and cleavage to make my grandmother cringe, but more importantly, they were showing no concern and were radiating with confidence. This idea allowed the public to change their views of feminism from a need for gender equality to a movement that required only a sense of embracing a woman's ability to use sex appeal to her advantage. Brilliant. Instead of women spending time working to change the public's perceptions, women began using the assets men do not possess to their advantage. Although this idea of feminism may be criticized, I believe this is brilliant because celebrating and embracing differences is a much easier task than asking for other people to see you in a different light. The Spice Girls embody this idea in both their music and their image. Thus, "Wannabe" became an anthem for young girls across the world to sing along to and celebrate what makes them unique and powerful. Without the Spice Girls, women across the world may still be focusing on how to transform themselves into the superior gender, or male gender. This, ironically, was what was holding females back.


I agree with you..The spice girls have definitely played a big role in giving girls the confidence to believe in themselves and to be who they are.

I agree with you... when the Spice Girls came out, they made it okay for girls to be different and to be comfortable being who they truly are.

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