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New Outline

Okay so here is our new outline and what each of us should cover. If anyone has issues with what they need to say or getting materials we need to keep each other posted.

1. Ice Breaker- Tinker toy activity (Amy brings tinker toys; Amy if you need some more please call me and let me know 612-703-8082) Amy will run this section.
a. Round one- easy
b. Round two- difficult
2. Follow up questions- Continue with the questions while the class is still in their tinker groups. Each group should be given both questions to discuss together first for a few minutes. Private group time will then fold into whole class discussion. One group can answer one of the questions first with the other adding their ideas and then the other group can answer the other question first and so on.

(Amy, where you going to bring these printed out?)

a. What moments of crisis if any did you or your team go into during the activity?
b. What were some strategies that you developed to help you be more successful?

I also think that if this discussion does not go long enough each of us should have one question prepared to help the discussion along. Is that cool with everyone? or not necessary?

Mine may be, just to keep you all posted: What are places in your subject area where you feel right brain activity is used, needed or missing? (Feel free to edit me)

3. Stuck on the left (Cassie) - these are the left short visual activities that demonstrate how we are often stuck on the left side of our brain.
I’m not entirely sure about what I should say here just yet. If anyone cares to give their two cents I would love to hear it.
4. Drawing activity (Edi is bring materials for this and directing it) - Now to go into something that is going to isolate the right side of the brain…
a. Question: Can you think of any thing that is done or could be done in your subject area that helps to exercise the right side of the brain.
Maybe we want another question here?
5. Conclusion: (Brad)

I noticed that other groups didn’t really have a conclusion, just as most of our discussions in this class. At the same time we are not dealing with the same type of issue that most of our readings have been touching on. I’m not sure if we want to try and tie these things together and leave things more open ended or not. What do you all think? Brad did you have any ideas about how you would maybe wrap it up? I know we talked a couple weeks ago about a final direction for it all but at the moment I’m not recalling exactly what that was and if it tied to our readings. Hope to hear what you all think. Have a good weekend.