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November 12, 2008

Embed and Youtube are fixed and up!

Youtube videos are working again in VideoANT. Thanks for all of your patience during that fix! Remember that VideoANT is not vary accurate when using Youtube videos. This is due to the way Youtube compresses their videos. If you would like more accurate markers on the timeline with your video make sure to encode your own video files to post on your own server. They should always have the highest number of keyframes you can get away with and still have acceptable file size. I recommend at least one keyframe every 10 to 15 frames, but this should be adjusted depending on your needs along with the framerate your video is being encoded at.

The embed player is now paused by default. Clicking anywhere on the video will start playback.

More changes to come soon... including proper play/pause functionality.

November 11, 2008

Embedding VideoANT

I added a new embed feature that allows you to embed a smaller player into any page of your choosing. It is the same width as a standard youtube player, but it is a touch taller so that it can properly display the annotations below. If it has any bugs please feel free to drop me an email or comment to this blog entry.

To use it, simply create a new VideoANT and add your annotations accordingly. In the automagically generated email you receive there is now a new link that launches a webpage with some HTML code in it. Simply copy the black text and paste it anywhere you would paste a youtube video and it will show your project! This could include Wiki's, blogs, myspace comments, etc. See the sample below!

To edit them, all you have to do is make edits to your project using the EDIT link in your email and the changes you make will appear in the embedded player!

You will need to refresh the page that the embedded player is on to show the new changes you have made. But the nice thing is that it updates everywhere. This means that if you have the same project embedded in multiple sites, you will only have to make changes once to the EDIT page of your project and the results will update for all of your embedded players!

Youtube links failing

Youtube recently changed the API for how their videos are delivered to their players. This means that I have to find a way to get those videos to my player (VideoANT) as well. I thought I had it fixed, but they seem to keep making changes. I am working on it, but I wanted to let everyone know that it is going to be a few more days. Sorry for the inconvenience it may be causing you. I will make another post here when their links are working again.