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February 23, 2009

Future updates

I have a bunch of new features scheduled to get implemented in the coming year. The interface will get upgraded, some usability will get improved, and hopefully some additional features including the ability to select a color for a specific annotation, and a few other items I am not ready to list publicly :)

I will post back here as progress is made!

Password protection and privacy rights

Some of you out there are using password protected videos and/or secure URLs that require certificate authentication. Until I am able to build in error support to notify users when they need to first log in, the tell-tale indicator is a blank VideoANT interface when visiting the edit or view-only site links. If this is the case, and you are a UMN staff/faculty/student, simply visit another site that requires accepting that same certificate (e.g., umcal, gophermail) and sign in with your x500. If you are using this tool external to UMN let me know and we can try and troubleshoot the issue.

Youtube support was down

Last week there was an issue with youtube videos working. Originally I was using the link to the physical video file on their server. They don't like that happening for great reason, but it was the best solution for VideoANT since it relies so heavily on a custom timeline. Could you imagine having to use youtubes timeline for adding markers?

When they blocked the most recent method I was using to derive their video link I decided to further investigate their open API project and it turns out that they have finally released a chromeless version of their player sans any of their video controls. This is perfect for VideoANT because having multiple timelines would be confusing to users. I spent last week implementing their approved methods for supporting youtube video links so it should no longer randomly stop working. If anyone uses this updated version with youtube content and finds any errors or issues, please let me know!