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Future updates

I have a bunch of new features scheduled to get implemented in the coming year. The interface will get upgraded, some usability will get improved, and hopefully some additional features including the ability to select a color for a specific annotation, and a few other items I am not ready to list publicly :)

I will post back here as progress is made!


Have you considered allowing the annotations themselves to be video clips instead of text? (I manage the U's sign language interpreters and inserting a signed annotation instead of a text one could be very valuable.) Thanks for any thoughts -

What you are referring to is very similar to Avenue ASL, a project developed by Learning Technologies in C&I here in the College of Education and Human Development. Recording videos would require the use of Flash Media Server, an resource I do not have available to me for VideoANT unfortunately. I definitely love the idea of video responses for a variety of reasons, but it will be a long time before that becomes a reality I am afraid :(