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Creating links to auto-populate the form fields

If you are familiar with the method of passing variables through the URL string, this technique may prove of some value to you. We have been using this internally with one of our partners tools over the past year and have just received a request for this same functionality so I thought I would post it here in case others could benefit as well.

The variables to pass to VideoANT are: videoTitle, email, and videoURL.

The string must be "escaped" like the example you see below:

The advantage of this is if you have a video URL and you want this video annotated by someone else, you can create your own link to send to this person so that they click once and have the form auto-populated so that they can jump right to annotating without much effort on the front end.

Make sure to use their email address instead of your own in the URL string, and let them know they can edit or modify the form once they have clicked your link in case it doesn't quite meet their needs!