April 6, 2009

An idea using Twitter

Marsha said while they have not yet done anything with the newest craze, Twitter, it is in the works. We thought it could be an easy way to keep up to date with their work and what they are trying to accomplish.


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Q and A with Senior VP Marsha Hystead

We had a chance to ask Marsha Hystead a few questions about H.T. Klatzky and her background. Here's a little sample.

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April 5, 2009

H.T. Klatzky and Examples of Their Work

During our interview, Marsha told us that her job is constantly changing. The digital age means that they must continuely update their knowledge of whats the next big thing. They have to anticipate what direction will be most useful to their clients. She showed us some examples of their work.

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April 2, 2009

H.T. Klatzky and Multimedia

H.T Klatzky is Duluth's largest full-service advertising and public relations agency. In our recent visit, we were lucky enough to speak with Marsha Hystead, the company's Senior Vice President and Creative Director. Our mission; to get a better understanding of how H.T Klatzky uses and adapts to the constantly changing world of multimedia.


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