April 6, 2009

An idea using Twitter

Marsha said while they have not yet done anything with the newest craze, Twitter, it is in the works. We thought it could be an easy way to keep up to date with their work and what they are trying to accomplish.


Here's what we came up with.

Q and A with Senior VP Marsha Hystead

We had a chance to ask Marsha Hystead a few questions about H.T. Klatzky and her background. Here's a little sample.

Q. What skills are required to do this job?
A. She said that the obvious skills are necessary such as, knowledge in computer programs and the ability to write clearly, but she said that curiousity is incredibly important. People who want to work there need to have a natural interest in wanting to know stuff. Anything counts, whether its pop culture or hard news.

Q. What is a typical day like for you?

A. Her basic day involves starting off with a traffic meeting where the creative staff meet with their manager and discuss what needs to get done that day. After that they have "9 at 9," a meeting where the entire staff comes together and just basically talks to one another. This is particularly nice because many staff members never actually have a chance to interact during the day. It allows everyone to keep in touch. After that, the rest of her day is spent reviewing projects, communicating with clients, and coming up with new ideas.

Q. What multimedia tools does H.T Klatzky use?
A. She said they use Youtube to post all of their "Just One Thing" ads. They have also created a company Facebook page and use blogs often. She also brought up the importance of being on the first page of a google search. She said that, while expensive, it is absolutely necessary. People don't go on to the second page of a search to find something.

April 5, 2009

H.T. Klatzky and Examples of Their Work

During our interview, Marsha told us that her job is constantly changing. The digital age means that they must continuely update their knowledge of whats the next big thing. They have to anticipate what direction will be most useful to their clients. She showed us some examples of their work.

On their newly redone website, they have several clips of ads they created for SMDC. These can be viewed at this link.

Marsha also mentioned that they had just finished a quarterly news letter for the SMDC, who has become one of H.T. Klatzky's biggest clients. If you visit the SMDC's website, the "Just One Thing" campaign they created appears on the homepage.

They have a company facebook page, which they use to create groups and get news out in a different medium.
a href="">

They also make use of the You Tube phenomenon and have their ads on the website.

April 2, 2009

H.T. Klatzky and Multimedia

H.T Klatzky is Duluth's largest full-service advertising and public relations agency. In our recent visit, we were lucky enough to speak with Marsha Hystead, the company's Senior Vice President and Creative Director. Our mission; to get a better understanding of how H.T Klatzky uses and adapts to the constantly changing world of multimedia.


Alex chronicled our trip with photos and put them together using Picasa.

A brief slideshow of our visit to H.T. Klatzky.