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Q and A with Senior VP Marsha Hystead

We had a chance to ask Marsha Hystead a few questions about H.T. Klatzky and her background. Here's a little sample.

Q. What skills are required to do this job?
A. She said that the obvious skills are necessary such as, knowledge in computer programs and the ability to write clearly, but she said that curiousity is incredibly important. People who want to work there need to have a natural interest in wanting to know stuff. Anything counts, whether its pop culture or hard news.

Q. What is a typical day like for you?

A. Her basic day involves starting off with a traffic meeting where the creative staff meet with their manager and discuss what needs to get done that day. After that they have "9 at 9," a meeting where the entire staff comes together and just basically talks to one another. This is particularly nice because many staff members never actually have a chance to interact during the day. It allows everyone to keep in touch. After that, the rest of her day is spent reviewing projects, communicating with clients, and coming up with new ideas.

Q. What multimedia tools does H.T Klatzky use?
A. She said they use Youtube to post all of their "Just One Thing" ads. They have also created a company Facebook page and use blogs often. She also brought up the importance of being on the first page of a google search. She said that, while expensive, it is absolutely necessary. People don't go on to the second page of a search to find something.