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Bigger Shark Tries to Eat Little Shark at Underwater Adventures

Little Shark 54 was nearly eaten by Jesse, a much bigger shark, at the Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America Friday, reported the Pioneer Press.

Shark 54, a 4 1/2-foot white tip reef shark, may have brushed against Jesse, a 300-pound female sand shark, and triggered the bite reflex. After nearly 30 minutes of being chomped down on, a boy visiting the aquarium noticed the attack and notified a staff member.

Shark 54 has since recieved antiobiotic treatments for wounds Jesse inflicted to the tissue of her belly. "Everything went fine," said Reid Withrow, director of husbandry and life support. "She looks good. She ate after we handled her."

It is not uncommon for sand sharks to feed on smaller sharks in the wild, but it is still unknown what the exact cause of the attack was. Shark 54 is being kept in isolation for now until more is known about the attack. "She's eating and seems to be doing well," Withrow said. "She's not out of the woods yet."