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Recent Polls Show Obama Likely to Beat Out McCain

Senator Barack Obama has gained strong hold among Democratic voters, "and is now viewed by most Democrats as the candidate best able to defeat Senator John McCain," reported the New York Times.

According to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll, Obama has made major gains across most demographic groups in the Democratic Party, including liberals and moderates, higher- and lower-income voters,men and women,and people of varying levels of college education.

However the news poll showed that Obama has a weak following in certain areas. "Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is still viewed by more Democrats as better prepared for the job of president. And while he has made progress among women, he still faces a striking gender gap: Mr. Obama is backed by two-thirds of the Democratic men and 45 percent of the women," reported the New York Times.

The theme of better preparedness is not limited to the Democratic Party. The poll also indicated that people also felt that the likely Republican candidate, Senator John McCain, is also more prepared to handle the presidency that either Obama or Clinton.

However Obama still seems to be making gains. The news poll shows that Obama’s coalition has increased greatly. "In December, for example, he had the support of 26 percent of the male Democratic primary voters; in the latest poll, that figure had climbed to 67 percent," reported the NYT/CBS news poll.

About 60% of pollers say he has the best chance of beating McCain, double the numbers who believed Clinton could. His campagin for change also seems to have made an effect as more people thought he would be able to bring about "real change" to the country.